• TDC & Hydro66 launch Nordic Telecom Hub
    Hydro66 wins DCS 2016 Award for
    Data Centre Hosting/Co-location
    Supplier of the Year
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  • Magdalena Andersson & Andy Long
    Sweden Finance Minster
    Magdalena Andersson
    offically opens the Data Centre
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  • Data Hall 1
    The World’s first
    100% Hydroelectric Powered
    Colocation Data Centre
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    Guaranteed 50% savings when compared to other locations in Europe
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    10,000m2 of space
    120MW of power available
    PUE of <1.07
    100% availability guarantee
    <40ms RTT to AMSIX

How much is being saved right now?

0.0° C

currently at

our datacentre1

0° C

cooler than



total saved

on cooling


UK electricity

more expensive2

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Advantages at a glance

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    Hydro = Lowest carbon footprint

    Our electricity is provided exclusively from local hydro electric power stations.

    None of these emit any CO2 during electricity production meaning that the energy consumption of any equipment that you host in our facility contributes absolutely zero to your carbon footprint giving significant carbon credit advantages.

    Hydro power is a reliable, safe and renewable source of energy. The Lule River, which Hydro66 is located near to is Sweden’s most important river for hydro power generation.

    Our datacentre construction process was also designed to be as green as possible. Recycled and natural products have been used throughout by our local contractors and engineers in our next generation composite construction.

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    Significant reduction in fixed costs

    In the past, bandwidth costs meant the only place to build datacentres was in built up urban areas – multistorey buildings with limited power, compromised cooling and extremely high build costs.

    Now that bandwidth is cheap and plentiful we can locate in the most sensible place for a datacentre – close to abundant reliable power, in a cold climate, and with plenty of space available. We can spread out – maximizing the opportunity for free air cooling and making space available for large deployments with incredible savings.

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    Incredible Connectivity

    Whilst we are just 60km away from the Arctic Circle, we are not in the "middle of nowhere". Based on a former national military base our connectivity is unrivalled.

    Multiple, diverse dark and lit fibre routes back to Stockholm and Helsinki and then from there to the major exchanges in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Germany mean we are as well connected as some of the more traditional data centre locations.

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    66 = Arctic Cooling

    Traditional data centres waste huge amounts of power on cooling equipment such as compressor based air conditioning. Our location just 60km south of the Arctic Circle (66° North) means we can rely on totally natural free air cooling supplemented by evaporative cooling on the warmest days of the year. Our PUE is always less than 1.05 – fans and other overheads add a maximum of 5% to the core IT load.

    Combining increased efficiency with extremely low and predictable electricity costs reduces typical spend on power by more than 50% compared to equivalent costs in traditional centres.

    Improved efficiency and lower input costs go straight to your bottom line in cash savings – typically hundreds of thousands of pounds per year on a 1MW load.

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    Total Flexibility

    The local power grid last went down in 1979 - and we have dual feeds from a state of the art 120MW substation with 4 regional grids converging on the area.

    For some of our clients UPS alone is enough, for others we can supply full generator resilience – our multi-datahall design allows us to configure machine rooms to customers’ exact requirements.

    You can have the environment exactly as you kit needs it, balancing power consumption (and hence PUE) against the needs of your equipment. Add UPS, Generator and traditional chillers if you feel you need it, leave them out and save money if you don't.

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    Experienced Team

    Hydro66 is backed by Black Green Capital whose partners have significant experience in building, operating and managing some of the largest datacentres across Europe.

    The team that makes up Hydro66 have been involved in telecoms and the Internet for over 20 years and so you gain access to an incredibly experienced team who will not only provide you colocation facilities, but can help you gain the optimium solution across your whole business.

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